Typical VRLA battery applications

Typical VRLA battery applications
Typical Applications
It is vitally important to define your priority before size of battery. These include: High rate performance/Long life-unattended/High cycle life/Cost effectiveness QSPOWER NTS/NTL/NTH/NTG/NTM/NTG/NTD Series Telecom Communication Utility,UPS Marine, Cable Television,Alarm system Security Equipment Medical Equipment, Electronic Test Equipment Portable Television & Video Equipment Power Tools, Solar Power Lighting Toy Vehicles, Wheelchair, Golf Trolleys Semi-traction Lawn Mowers, Lifting Equipment Robotics To optimize battery duty and life for your application, make sure you choose the right product from the QSPOWER range.

Department of power system is consisted of vehicle power battery, power storage communication and safe reliability research, mainly concentrate on design, develop and verify of power storage communication and vehicle power battery. The department possesses highly educated engineers with experience in Pack design.

Since established, the enterprise has undertaken a series of national and provincial scientific research programs:


1)Research and industrialization on pure electric logistic vehicle power system core technology

2)Research and industrialization on EREV dual energy power integrated cell and its control system


Completed project development process

  • 1 Product definition and target parameters calculation

    To define product requirements according to the vehicle target and endurance demand of product through the vehicle simulation.

  • 2 System requirements and specification definition

    To define system specification according to the product requirements:

    . Functional requirement

    . Security requirement (GB/T 31467, DFMEA etc)

    . Regulatory requirement

    . Technical requirement(Standard and depot standard)

  • 3 Battery system requirements and analysis

    To design the system architecture and battery configuration based on the system requirements and specifications, and process related CAE & CFD analysis

  • 4 Pilot run and development of prototype products:

  • 5 Battery system design concept confirmation:

    To make sure that the system requirements are coincident and system architecture is tenable.

  • 6 Battery system design verification:

    . Verify the function integrity, safety, regulations and technical requirements

    . Verify the battery system test environment

    . Verify the reliability and durability

  • 7 Battery system development and mass production acceptance:

    To check and accept the environment, reliability and durability by using mould and mass production technique




A complete battery system performance and security authentication

All kinds of equipments can realize the battery performance and safety reliability verification.



Application Area: