Research and development platform

The research institute is committed to providing technological support for world-first class lithium battery enterprise, as well as makes creative contributions to international lithium battery industry. At present, the research area of QS reached 50 thousand square meters, and EVE owns over 3 hundred million research funds and 5 large research laboratories, including electrical property, safety test ,reliability, equipped with high-level research test machine for professional battery research ability.

Development system

Development system: Since its establishment ,which has formed a stable and creative team in lithium battery module system development field .
Taking Project Management, technology innovation and elite team as basis, Large Power’s custom li-ion battery products and solutions fully expresses its core competence in fast response, excellence, customization and after-sales guarantee. It creates more value for end users in the process of providing special-usage lithium ion battery products and

Expert team

Expert group includes test control, electrochemistry, opto-mechatronics, power electronic, signal processing and instruments and so on . It has over 7 experts, who include 6 professors, 1 associate professor.


QSPOWER manufacture Center has power bank production line , Storage battery packs , High power battery packs , industrial battery packs and special battery packs assembly line which could fully meet individuation , diversification , mass production request of consumer power energy, storage power , high power supply , back-up power supply and special power supply.


Structural and thermal simulation ability

The center gradually established a structural and thermal simulation ability, which can implement structural and thermal simulation analysis for cells, modules and battery packs.


Thermal simulation:



Structure simulation: