3.2v 280Ah Prismatic LiFePO4 LFP Lithium Battery Cell for Solar system energy storage

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3.2v 280Ah Prismatic LiFePO4 LFP Lithium Battery Cell for Solar system energy storage

Prismatic battery Commodity parameters…

High power lithium battery cell 3.2V 120Ah LiFePO4 power battery cell
1.long cycle life :2000 times
2.high C rate
3. No pollution

Voltage (nominal, V) 3.2V
Nominal Capacity 280Ah
Standard Charge Current 56A (0.2C rate)
Max. Charge Current 280A (1C rate)
Standard charging current 50 ah
Charge Cut-off Voltage 3.65V
Weight 5.25Kg
Dimensions Length: 205mm
Width: 174mm
Thickness: 72mm
Operating Temperature Charging: 0°C ~ 45°C
Discharging: -20°C ~ 60°C
(The cell surface temperature cannot exceed 70°C)
Storage Temperature/Humidity Temperature: -10°C ~ +35°C
(optimal store temperature of 23 ± 5°C for long term storage)
Cycle Life at 0.2C Discharge, 100% DOD ≥2000 times (100% DOD till 80% of initial capacity at 0.2C rate, IEC Standard)

Our Advantages
I. Safest Lithium Chemistry.
II. High specific energy and High capacity.
III. Long Life Cycles and extended shelf life.
IV. High capacity, low internal resistance, good coulombic efficiency.
V. SOAR team takes great effort to meet projects on time.
VI. Cells can be customized as per need of the project (MOQ applied).

Capacity, plug, line number and color can be customized as required

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery has been wide used for portable electronics, energy storage systems and Electric vehicles. (LiFePO4) batteries have major advantages over Li-ion batteries such as good cycle life and high safety performance.

At QSPOWER we focus on quality. We try the best in class practice to maintain consistent preparation of anode and cathode in top class environmental condition. The chosen material for preparing anode and cathode for LFP cells, Our expert selects material with high discharge, long shelf life along with good power and energy density ratio.

QSPOWER successfully achieved energy density of 135Wh/Kg with stable operation at variable temperature. QSPOWER found a good solution for battery packing industry to provide economical cell for their demand in various applications. QSPOWER LFP cells are designed to be use for Electric Vehicle as well as Solar and Telecomm applications.

At QSPOWER the LFP cells go though long process of testing for meeting high standards of the industry. Every cell at Soar has to pass though the internal quality standard and then only sent to our customers.

Engineers at QSPOWER are always there to help you to achieve the best of the Cells for your energy storage project. Customized Formation, grading and sorting to make it ready for use.

Lithium ion battery applications:

1.Electric automobile battery,electric bike battery,electric scooter battery,electric tricycle battery,electric motorcycle battery,Electric Car battery,Electric tools battery,Electric Truck battery,Electric forklift battery

2.Mobile energy storage cabinet battery,portable energy storage battery battery,Communication battery,Telecommunication station battery,EV (Electric vehicle)battery

3.Industrial power battery,Power wall battery,UPS battery,SLA Replacement battery,AGV battery

4. Solar Energy storage system battery,Wind energy battery,Solar street light battery,Camping car and yacht battery,Bicycle lights battery,Small medical equipment battery

5.1500mAh/2000mAh/2500mAh/2600mAh/3000mAh/3500mAh/6Ah/50Ah/86Ah/100Ah/200Ah NCM & LFP Cells

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