3.2v 150ah Prismatic lithium ion 12V 24V battery electric vehicles/ electric scooter battery/Golf Cart battery

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3.2v 150ah lithium ion 12V 24V battery Prismatic case li ion battery electric vehicles/ electric scooter battery/Golf Cart battery

Prismatic battery Commodity parameters…

Voltage (nominal, V)3.2V
Nominal Capacity150Ah
Standard Charge Current12A (0.2C rate)
Max. Charge Current150A (1C rate)
Working voltage2.5- 3.65v
Standard charging current50 ah
Charge Cut-off Voltage3.65V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage2.5V
Inner Resistance(Impedance)≤ 0.3mΩ (At 0.2C rate, 2.5V cut-off)
Battery cell typelithium battery cell 3.2v 150ah for solar panel or solar heating system or electric car battery pack use
ShippingDHL, UPS, FEDEX or Sea Shipping or Special line
Weight3.0 Kg
Operating TemperatureCharging:0°C ~ 55°C,Discharging: -22°C ~ 55 °C
Storage TemperatureStorage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Cycle Life at 0.2C Discharge, 100% DOD≥2000 times (100% DOD till 80% of initial capacity at 0.2C rate, IEC Standard)

Internal resistance and voltage

Test the cell before welding at will. If there is any problem, please contact after-sales service

Internal resistance: ≤0.3m Ω± Voltage: 3.2 v

LiFePO4 Lithium ion battery applications:

Lithium ion battery applications:

1.Electric automobile battery,electric bike battery,electric scooter battery,electric tricycle battery,electric motorcycle battery,Electric Car battery,Electric tools battery,Electric Truck battery,Electric forklift battery

2.Mobile energy storage cabinet battery,portable energy storage battery battery,Communication battery,Telecommunication station battery,EV (Electric vehicle)battery

3.Industrial power battery,Power wall battery,UPS battery,SLA Replacement battery,AGV battery

4. Solar Energy storage system battery,Wind energy battery,Solar street light battery,Camping car and yacht battery,Bicycle lights battery,Small medical equipment battery

5.1500mAh/2000mAh/2500mAh/2600mAh/3000mAh/3500mAh/6Ah/50Ah/86Ah/100Ah/200Ah NCM & LFP Cells

The lithium battery factory ion battery Packaging

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