48V13Ah Li-ion Battery Pack For E-bike Battery lithium ion electric bicycle battery

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Item Specification
Product Name E-bike Battery 48V13ah Li-ion Battery Pack For Electric Bicycle
Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Capacity 17.5Ah/customized
Continuous discharge current 30A(max)
Burst Discharge Current 40A(adjustable)
Power 500-1500W
Over-charged Protection Voltage 4.25±0.025V/Cell(adjustable)
Over -discharged Protection Voltage 2.50±0.10V/Cell(adjustable)
Charge mode CCCV
Max charge Voltage 42V
Charging Current 2.0-4.0A
Charging Temperature 0~45ºC,45~85%RH
Discharging Temperature -20~55ºC,45~85%RH
Circle life >1000 times
Storage Environment One Month -20~+55ºC,45~85%RH
Three Month -20~+45ºC,45~85%RH
One Year -5~+20ºC,45~85%RH
Dimension high 85mm
length 390mm
thickness 80mm
Weight <5.0 KG

Electric bicycle common battery comparison

In addition to the above four points, “easy to buy” Xiaobian for you to do a comparison of the four mainstream batteries.In this way, we can also be more sure when buying electric vehicle batteries:

1. Lithium-ion batteries.The advantages are: maximum capacitance, maximum power, the longest life;But relatively speaking, it’s also the most expensive.Generally used in high-end electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc.

Lithium-iron phosphate battery.Its characteristics are: electric capacity, power, life than “lithium ion battery” slightly smaller;But there is something more obvious: cheaper than lithium-ion, which is mostly used in hybrid cars.

Valve-controlled lead-acid maintenance-free battery.Electricity, work, life three attributes and a few worse;If it’s cheaper, there’s a lot of retail.

4, lead acid needs to maintain the battery.Power, power and life are less expensive, and they are standard batteries for electric cars.

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