48V20Ah Rechargeable ebike battery

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48V20Ah Rechargeable ebike battery

Rechargeable rear rack type ebike battery 48V 20Ah bottom discharge  

Battery Type Rear Rack Battey
Battery Pack Model      36V12Ah                  48V10Ah             36V15Ah                           48V12Ah              48V20Ah            
Outer Packing Material PVC, Plastic shell, Plastic and Aluminum Shell, Steel Sheel
Nominal Voltage 36V 48V 36V 48V  48V
Rated Capacity 12Ah 10Ah 15Ah 12Ah 20AH
Max. Charge Voltage 42V 54.6V 42V 54.6V 54.6V
Normal Charge Current 2A 2A 2-3A 2A 2A
Cut-Off Discharge Voltage 30V 30V 30V 39V 39V
Max.ConstantDischarge Current 20-25A 20-25A 20-25A 20-25A 20-25A
Max.Discharge Current (pulse) 65A 65A 65A 65A 65A
Charging Model CC/CV CC/CV CC/CV CC/CV  CC/CV
Cycle Life(80%DOD) 500 Cycles 500 Cycles 500 Cycles 500 Cycles 500Cycles
Charge Temperature 0-45°C 0-45°C 0-45°C 0-45°C  0-45°C
Discharge Temperature -20-55°C -20-55°C -20-55°C -20-55°C  -20-55°C
Motor Range 36V350-500W 48V350-1000W 36V350-500W 48V350-1000W  48V750-1000W

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