12v30ah lithium ion batteries of 12v golf cart battery

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OEM Rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery 12V30Ah for Golf Cart of 160W motor  

12V30ah LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage Battery for Solar energy Capacity Customized Manufacturer

This internal system features Automatic Cell Balancing and automatically disconnects power to the terminal
due to:
•- Low Voltage
•- High Voltage
•- Short Circuit
•- Reverse Polarity

Item name12V30ah LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery
Battery Pack Method 4S5P
Nominal Capacity30Ah
Minimum Capacity30Ah
Nominal Voltage12.8V
Charge Voltage14.6V
Discharge cut-off voltage10V
Charge MethodCC/CV
Standard Charge Current10A
Max. Charge Current50A
Standard Discharge Current10Ah
Max. Continues Discharge current50A
Cycle Life1500 times(周)
Internal Impedance≤150mΩ
Dimension185 mm(L) × 137 mm(W) × 78mm(H)
Working Temperature RangeCharge: 0°C–45°C Discharge: -20°C–60°C
Storage Temperature-10°C–45°C
Battery Warranty:36 months
Battery BMS Function:Over-charge, Over-discharge, Over-current, Temperature protection, Cell balancing, Secondary protection.

Lithium ion battery applications:

1.Electric automobile battery,electric bike battery,electric scooter battery,electric tricycle battery,electric motorcycle battery,Electric Car battery,Electric tools battery,Electric Truck battery,Electric forklift battery

2.Mobile energy storage cabinet battery,portable energy storage battery battery,Communication battery,Telecommunication station battery,EV (Electric vehicle)battery

3.Industrial power battery,Power wall battery,UPS battery,SLA Replacement battery,AGV battery

4. Solar Energy storage system battery,Wind energy battery,Solar street light battery,Camping car and yacht battery,Bicycle lights battery,Small medical equipment battery

5.1500mAh/2000mAh/2500mAh/2600mAh/3000mAh/3500mAh/6Ah/50Ah/86Ah/100Ah/200Ah NCM & LFP Cells


1. Green product

 It is agree with environment protection.

 2. Cycle life

 Can cycle 500-2000 times.

 3. Very safe

 It have the best safety and steady performance. 

 4. Main promise

 Now it is the main promising product in the battery market.

 5. Light weight and smaller dimension

 The dimension  compares with other battery.about 1/2-2/3 weight of lead acid 

 6.Great capacity and more powerful,rechargeable battery

 We can install many single cells in series and in parallet and it can fully discharge

 7.Can be charge by solar power charger.

 8.No memory effect

 It can be recharged anytime,no reduction of the capacity

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