12V100Ah solar energy storage for electric scooter boat golf cart

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12V100ah LiFePO4 Battery Energy Storage Battery for Solar energy Capacity Customized Manufacturer

In addition to the battery shape and temperature conditions, we can customize specifications and BMS: voltage, capacity , charge current, discharge current and etc.If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Item name12V100ah LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery
Battery Pack Method 4S1P
Nominal Capacity100Ah
Minimum Capacity98Ah
Nominal Voltage12.8V
Charge Voltage14.6V
Discharge cut-off voltage10V
Charge MethodCC/CV
Standard Charge Current25A
Max. Charge Current50A
Standard Discharge Current50Ah
Max. Continues Discharge current100A
Cycle Life2000 times(周)
Internal Impedance≤60mΩ
Dimension323 mm(L) × 173 mm(W) × 218 mm(H)
Working Temperature RangeCharge: -20°C–50°C Discharge: -20°C–50°C
Storage Temperature-10°C–45°C
Battery Warranty:36 months
Battery BMS Function:Over-charge, Over-discharge, Over-current, Temperature protection, Cell balancing, Secondary protection.

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NO.S/NBattery Pack Nominal Voltage/ CapacityNominal Voltage(V)Nominal Capacity(Ah)Energy
Weight(kg)Size(mm)Battery Configuration
1QSP-LFP12V15AH12V15Ah12.8151922.3165 mm(L) × 125.4 mm(W) × 173.8 mm(H)4S3P
2QSP-LFP12V30AH12V30Ah12.8303843.5185 mm(L) × 137 mm(W) × 78 mm(H)4S5P
3QSP-LFP12V50AH12V50Ah12.8506406.7196 mm(L) × 166 mm(W) × 175 mm(H)4S9P
4QSP-LFP12V100AH12V100ah12.810012809.3323 mm(L) × 173 mm(W) × 218 mm(H)4S1P
5QSP-LFP12V200AH12V200Ah12.8200256020483 mm(L) × 170 mm(W) × 240 mm(H)4S4P
6QSP-LFP12V400AH12V400Ah12.8400512040520 mm(L) × 287 mm(W) × 220 mm(H)4S4P
7QSP-LFP24V100AH24V100Ah25.6100256022521 mm(L) × 238 mm(W) × 218 mm(H)8S1P
8QSP-LFP24V200AH24V200Ah25.64001024040175 mm(L) × 135 mm(W) × 120 mm(H)8S2P
9QSP-LFP48V120AH48V120Ah51.2120614450580 mm(L) × 310 mm(W) × 270 mm(H)16S1P
10QSP-LFP24V250AH25.6V250Ah25.6250640050750 mm(L) × 320 mm(W) × 218 mm(H)8S5P
11QSP-LFP48V100AH48V100Ah51.2100512040450 mm(L) × 360 mm(W) × 160 mm(H)16S1P
12QSP-LFP48V150AH48V150Ah51.2150768060710 mm(L) × 400 mm(W) × 290mm(H)16S3P
13QSP-LFP48V200AH48V200Ah482009600100740 mm(L) × 380 mm(W) × 320mm(H)15S2P
14QSP-LFP48V300AH48V300Ah51.2300153601661092 mm(L) × 886 mm(W) × 362mm(H)15S3P

Rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 100 Ah Lifepo4 Battery 12V 100Ah With Bms For Solar Energy Storage
LifePO4 Battery PACK Features

Main Features
1. Lighter in weight, heavier on power
2. Use a grade prismatic cells. More than 3000 cycle times.
3. Max discharge continuous current 175A, peak 320A.
4. Maintenance free. Can connect in parallel and series.
5. Safer performance. Our batteries have passed different safety tests.
6. Bluetooth function and heated function can be added.

Built in BMS overall protection
1.Over charged protection
2.Over discharged protection
3.Thermal protection
4.Over load protection
5.Over current protection

Widely used in RV, camping car, golfcart, sightseeing car, marine, yacht, solar backup, and other deep cycle applications etc.


1,Q: What’s the main product in QSpower?
A: Rechargeable battery. Li-ion, Lipo battery and power battery pack.

2,Q: What is overcharge?
A: After charge, tested the batteries’ initial state and capacity. Charge to 10.0V at 3C current, then charge to 0.01C at CV mode.
Observe changes in battery appearance.

3,Q: What is over discharge?
A: After charge, test the batteries’ initial state. When the batteries are normal, discharge to 0V at 0.5C. Observe changes in
battery appearance

4,Q: Can I have a sample order?
A: Yes, we accept sample order to test and check quality. Batteries can be made as require.

5,Q: Do you have MOQ limit?
A: Yes, we have MOQ limit for mass production, but it depends on battery model. Please contact us for details.

6,Q: How about the lead time?
A: Samples will takes 5-7 business days. Mass production will takes 15-25 days. It depends on quantity.

7,Q: How about shipping and delivery time?
A: Generally, battery will be shipped via Express, such as DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS, delivery time is 3-5 business days. Or DDP
service, delivery time is 11-15 business days. Airline and sea shipping also available.

8,Q: What about after-sale service?
A: We will offer you 1 year guarantee. If there are any problems, please inform us, we will offer you positive solutions.

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