LiFePO4 battery advantage and disadvantage

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dvantage of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery(LiFePO4 Battery)

  1. Long cycle life:  Under 80%DOD, the life cycle is 2000 times.
    In same working environment, LiFePO4 Battery Life is 5-6times longer than Lead acid battery.
  2. Safer: Unless under extreme situation, LiFePO4 battery will never explode.
  3. Bigger Capacity: In same volume, LiFePO4 battery capacity is 1.5times of Lead Acid Battery.
  4. Lighter: In same capacity and voltage, LiFePO4 battery weight is 1/3 of Lead Acid Battery.
  5. High Temperature Resistance: LiFePO4 Battery working Temperature range is -20℃ – 75℃.
  6. Without memory Effect. 
  7. Environment Friendly.

Disadvantage of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4 Battery)

  1. Bad Low Temperature Property: Compare to Li Ion battery, LiFePO4 Battery energy density is much lower, therefore it is unable to charge and discharge in low temperature.
  2. High Cost: LiFePO4 Battery production has harsh requirement on the environment , and the poor processing performance of electrodes and increasing synthesis cost, which result in high production cost and low production yield.
  3. Poor product consistency: The synthesis reaction of LiFePO4 battery is a complex heterogeneous reaction with solid phase phosphates, iron oxides and lithium salts, plus a carbon precursor and a reducing gas phase, which make it very hard to achieve high product consistency.

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