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What is DoD?

DoD stands for Depth of Discharge, which measures how deeply discharged a battery is, assuming the battery has a nominal capacity of 100 kWh, which discharges 30kW in 1 hour. Its DOD would be (30x 1)/100 = 30%.

30 percent DoD depth of discharge

30% Depth of Discharge

Since over discharge can dramatically damage a rechargeable battery, a concrete request on maximum DoD is defined by manufacturers.

This data is very useful for you when you are designing an off-grid solar power system – you can set up the LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) function on the solar charge controller to disconnect the battery from loads before reaching the limited DoD, established by the manufacturer.

off-grid solar power system

Flooded lead-acid usually has 50% DoD, while lithium-ion can reach up to 80% DoD.


LiFePO4 performs better than any other lithium-ion battery and can reach up to 90%,

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