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Are There Disadvantages?


The Lithium-ion battery has a down side, or contras, so we will take a look and make that assessment in comparison with their upside potential.

Most people looking at a Lithium-Ion battery are dissatisfied with:

1.  Lithium-Ion Battery Price

The Lithium-Ion Battery cost about double that of the Lead Acid batteries.

Yes, the initial price is higher, however, their long life, Depth of Discharge (DoD), fast charge technology and light weight helps investors save money over the long run.

2.  Recycling Methods

These types of storage products contain either organic cells, which do not have harmful substances. Or, they have inorganic cells, which are toxic and you must be cautious about how and where you dispose them.

The current battery recycling procedure is expensive. Both used and virgin materials need to go through the same production operations. Therefore, manufacturers prefer to enrich the lithium at mines than be involved in lithium recovery methods. See this artical that speaks about mining engineers who found new ways to make Li-ion battery recycling more cost effective.

3.  High Temperature Sensitivity

Take care when charging lithium-ion batteries as they require protection from being overcharged and discharged too far. They are sensitive to high temperatures and heat will cause degradation of Li-ion batteries.

3.  Transport Sensitivity

A lithium-ion battery is sensitive to high temperatures and can even explode when overheated, so airlines limit the number of Li-ion batteries a passenger may carry.

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