Portable AC power station 12.8v lithium ion lifepo4 battery 84ah Solar Panel ac dc power bank with charger

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Specifications :

Package Specification Uint Price (USD)
Standard –
1pc Power Station + 1pc AC charger (14.6V 10A)


12.8V/ 84Ah, 1075.2Wh 340-380
Cell type LiFePO4 battery
Weight 13.8KG
Dimension L368*W200*H260mm

Battery Life (cycles)

2000 times DOD 80%
Inverter 900W
Battery Indicator Digital LED Screen
USB 1 1 Port * Quick charge 3.0 protocol
USB 2 2 Ports * 5V/2.1A
Type C port 2 Ports * TYPE-C
Cigarette lighter 1 Port * 12V 10A
DC port 2 Ports * DC 12V 7A
AC output 110V/220V 50~60Hz, universal adaptor (900W continuous, 1000W peak)
DC input (Standard) 14.6V 10A Charging port
Optional 1-
1pc Power Station + 1pc AC quick charger (14.6V 30A)
DC input (Optional, 14.6V 30A) 14.6V 30A Charging port 470
Optional 2-
1pc Power Station + 1 Solar Panel Charger (18V 100W)
DC solar charging input (18V 6~7A), 100W SunPower solar panel, handbag type 15-18V 10A Solar charging port


Application for

Power Tools, Electrocar, Energy storage, LAPTOP, MOBilePhone,

Rechargeable batteries = reversible reactions

Different chemicals are used in rechargeable batteries and they split apart through entirely different reactions. The big difference is that the chemical reactions in a rechargeable battery are reversible: when the battery is discharging the reactions go one way and the battery gives out power; when the battery is charging, the reactions go in the opposite direction and the battery absorbs power. These chemical reactions can happen hundreds of times in both directions, so a rechargeable battery will typically give you anything from two or three to as much as 10 years of useful life (depending on how often you use it and how well you look after it).


Seaworthy Carton to fully protect batteries on the way.

Each battery packed in polyfoam ,then put in 3 layer brown box,some related pcs put in 5-layer strong brown outer carton


1..by UPS/DHL/FEDEX( It takes 3-5 days to arrive after all details confirmed)
2.by air cargo( It takes about one week to arrive after all details confirmed)
3.By sea shipment ( It takes about one month to arrive after received the d eposit and confirmed all details.
4.Port:FOB Hongkong or CIF terms.
5.Shipment date within 30days for mass production .
6,.Shipment date within 7-10days for testinng samples .

Factory directly sale rechargeable batteries 12v solar batteries 100ah  LiFePO4 Battery pack with handle carry

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