Customized 18650 battery 72 volt e bike Lithium ion lifepo4 EV battery pack 72v

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Customized 72 volt e bike Lithium ion lifepo4 EV battery pack



 The capacity and dimension can customize according to your request.
 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V LiFePO4 Battery for Resident Electric Vehicle

(Can replace for the lead acid battery, with the same size of SLA battery)

1.Recharge much faster-can be fully charged in 60 minutes
2.Ensure long cycle life-at least 2000 cycles under 100% DOD
3.Low self discharge rate-only 12% rate each year
4.Most green and safe lithium technology-no liquid leakage no pollution
5.Internal cell balance, built-in Integrated BMS (Battery Management System)
6.Safe technology, will not catch fire or explode when being overcharged
7..No memory record ,can use anytime when charge.
8.Built-in automatic protection for over-charge,over-discharge and over-temperature conditions.
9.Up to 60% weight saving for replacement lead acid battery.
10.Usually be connected in parallel as high voltage battery pack

48 volt electric bicycle lifepo4 battery


Battery Customization


LiFePo4 Cell Customization

12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V LiFePO4 Battery for Resident Electric Vehicle                              

(Can replace for the lead acid battery, with the same size of QSPOWER battery)

Models Voltage(V) Nominal Capacity(AH)  Max.charge current(A) Weight(kg)             +/-5% Dimension(+/-3mm) Cycle life DOD 100%
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
 B-LFP12-16 12 16 5 2.3 168 128 75 >2000
 B-LFP12-22 12 22 5 3 168 128 105 >2000
 B-LFP24-7 24 7 3 2.35 130 95 150 >2000
 B-LFP24-10 24 10 5 3 180 80 180 >2000
 B-LFP36-10 36 10 5 4 250 80 180 >2000
 B-LFP36-16 36 16 8 6.95 150 90 300 >2000
 B-LFP48-10 48 10 5 6 300 150 100 >2000
 B-LFP48-12 48 12 5 7 300 150 100 >2000
 B-LFP48-16 48 16 5 8 300 150 100 >2000
 B-LFP48-20 48 20 10 9 260 175 180 >2000
 B-LFP12-200 12 200 100 23 260 175 180 >2000
 B-LFP12-400 12 400 100 45 900 650 130 >2000
 B-LFP24-200 24 200 100 45 520 380 290 >2000
 B-LFP48-112 48 112 50 66 130 95 150 >2000
 B-LFP48-224 48 224 50 112 800 650 120 >2000
 B-LFP72-224 72 224 50 168 150 90 300 >2000


  1. by UPS/DHL/FEDEX( It takes 3-5 days to arrive after all details confirmed)
  2.  by air cargo( It takes about one week to arrive after all details confirmed)
  3. B y sea shipment ( It takes about one month to arrive after received the deposit and confirmed all details )
  4. Port:FOB Hongkong or CIF terms.
  5. Shipment date within 30 days after confirmed all information and received the deposit.
  6. payment terms:TT /LC

4,Lithium Battery Advantages:

1.Long life cycle, large capacity and good shock resistance
2.Low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperature
3.Strong charging acceptance and quick-charging capability
4.Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention
5.Maintenance-free and no acid or water for maintenance in usage
6.Excellent large current discharge performance, and have obvious advantages in startup and climbing
7. High temperature performance
8. Environmental friendly
9. Lighter weight smaller size
10.Most safe no explosion no fire

5,What is QSPOWER Factory?

QSPOWER(zhuhai) Co.,LTD was founded on 2018 belonging to Qiangsheng Goup(UK) Co.,Ltd which focus on green energy products production since 2012.

QSPOWER have the strong technique support group which have the well-known expert form America and Taiwan. QSPOWER has extensive experience with every facet of the design and manufacturing process of batteries.

QSPOWER are focus on Green energy solution, such as lithium battery technique R&D, battery testing, battery cell supplying chain, battery packing and customized green energy solution project.

QSPOWER has the experience and resources to help design engineers ensure a smooth design process and project management meet delivery schedules. We are willing to invest together for potential good project and business partner. New developing requirements are welcome always.

Here are some general categories of markets we are in.

Vehicle battery

Energy Storage

Power bank

Power tool battery

Portable Medical battery

Customized batteries

6,FAQ for our battery companies ?

1,Q: What’s the main product in QS?

A: Rechargeable battery. Li-ion, Lipo battery and power battery pack.

2,Q: What is overcharge?

A: After charge, tested the batteries’ initial state and capacity. Charge to 10.0V at 3C current, then charge to 0.01C at CV mode. Observe changes in battery appearance.

3,Q: What is over discharge?

A: After charge, test the batteries’ initial state. When the batteries are normal, discharge to 0V at 0.5C. Observe changes in battery appearance

4,Q: Can I have a sample order?

A: Yes, we accept sample order to test and check quality. Batteries can be made as require.

5,Q: Do you have MOQ limit?

A: Yes, we have MOQ limit for mass production, but it depends on battery model. Please contact us for details.

6,Q: How about the lead time?

A: Samples will takes 5-7 business days. Mass production will takes 15-25 days. It depends on quantity.

7,Q: How about shipping and delivery time?

A: Generally, battery will be shipped via Express, such as DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS, delivery time is 3-5 business days. Or DDP service, delivery time is 11-15 business days. Airline and sea shipping also available.

8,Q: What about after-sale service?

A: We will offer you 1 year guarantee. If there are any problems, please inform us, we will offer you positive solutions.

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