Competitive price li-ion 18650 12V/10Ah battery pack

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Hot sale li-ion 18650 12V/10Ah battery pack battery pack for street lamp

  • Specifications:
    a) Nominal: 2200mAh
    b) Min.: 2150mAh
    a) Diameter: 18+/-0.2mm
    b) Height: 65+/-0.2mm
    *Weight (typical): approx. 42g
    * Nominal voltage: average 3.7V
    * Cut-off voltage: 2.74V
    * Cycle performance: 90% of initial capacity at 500 cycles
    * Cycle life: > 500 cycles
    * Charge: current = 0.5C mA, voltage = 3.7V, end current = 0.01mA
    * Discharge: current = 0.5c mA,
  • *Max. charging current: 1.5C mA
    * Max. discharging current 1.5C mA (for continuous discharge)



Laptop/LED light/power tool



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