Pure Electric Mini Vehicle Power System

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Pure Electric Mini Vehicle Power System

Product Feature:

1. With 18650-2.6Ah NCM batteries, energy density in system can reach more than 120Wh/kg;

2. With heating and heat-removal system, the solution can work under – 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ ambient temperature;

3. Under full charge and full discharge applications, single cell lifespan can reach 1500 times , system lifespan can reach more than 1000 times;

4. Adopted high reliable resistance welding connection method and standardize module;

5. Safe and reliable

Product description:

Designed with 144V, 112Ah system, this solution is assembled in the form of 44P40S with 1760pcs 18650 NCM batteries(Model: 3.6V,2.6Ah). It also include heating and heat-removal system.

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